Tarot intermediate

5-Week Online Course for Intermediate Level

Take your Tarot skills further, discover new ways of using the cards, and become more confident as a reader - the Intermediate Course provides you all this and much more!

Five weeks of Tarot action in a clearly structured format, based on 30 years of daily Tarot work, delivered in a friendly and relaxed online environment.

Note: this Course is available only for those who have completed Tarot Basics via The Arcanum or Tarot for Beginners via Treadwell's Books. 

Course Structure

Class 1: Earth

Grounding & Rooting / Earth Rituals

Questions & Ethics in Readings

Reading practise: The Kohinoor Spread

Building the Temple: Ace of Pentacles

Class 2: Air

Clearing the Mind / Air Rituals

Pitfalls & Obstacles - And How to Overcome Them

Reading practise: Hazmat Suit Spread

Building the Temple: Ace of Swords

Class 3: Water

Intuition & Flow / Water Rituals

Court Cards: Family Constellation

Reading practise: Teacher, Helper, Self Spread

Building the Temple: Ace of Cups

Class 4: Fire

Light & Power / Fire Rituals

Manifesting & Creating with Tarot

Reading practise: The Arrow Spread

Building the Temple: Ace of Wands

Class 5: Spirit

Creating Temenos / Sacred Space

Individuation with Tarot

Reading practise: The Individuation Spread

Completion of the Temple

Each class includes optional homework. There won't be any tests. The Course Material can be downloaded from my website at any time (password protected pdf). This material will support you in your own Tarot work.


We'll be using the Waite-Smith Tarot deck throughout this course (also known as the Rider-Waite Tarot).   

Every Tuesday, 7-9 pm via Zoom

Course fee: £160, to be paid before the Course starts (non-refundable)

Max. number of participants: 10 


Next Course: March 16th - April 13th, 2021


To book: please email me directly       


The Arcanum - Tero Hynynen

London, England, U.K. 



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