Special Topics: Spreads

2 Hours
10 Spreads
Discover new tools for
  • problem-solving
  • relationships
  • choice-centred readings
  • intuition & insight

During this Special Topics Class we will explore five specific spreads or layouts, which Tero has created over the years. Tero will also introduce you to five other spreads, created by other tarot authors. After finishing this Class you will have ten new spreads in your Tarot "tool box", to use either for yourself or when reading for others.  

5 Spreads from Tero:

  • Your Choice (3 cards)

  • Stations of the Sun (6 cards)

  • Pattern Recognition (9 cards)

  • Relationship Spread (9 cards)

  • Diamond Cross (14 cards)

5 Spreads from others:

  • Blind Spot (4 cards)

  • The Four Dragons (6 cards)

  • Planetary Spread (7 cards)

  • The Holy Quest (7 cards)

  • Yes/No Oracle (8 cards)

You will also be able to download all the material in PDF (password protected).

Next Class: TBA

When: 7pm - 9pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Max. number of participants: 10

Fee: £40 (to be paid before the Class, non-refundable)

To book: please email me directly  


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