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Update: 1:1 live readings are now back, and taking place at Buddha On A Bicycle (Covent Garden). At Treadwell's Books (Bloomsbury) from mid-October onwards. All live classes, courses & workshops are still suspended.

Online readings and classes: Please see here.

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Welcome to The Arcanum. My name is Tero Hynynen, I'm a Jungian Tarot Reader & Teacher. I'm also a Private Scholar and an author. I've been doing readings since 1990, helping people from all walks of life to navigate better through uncertain times. Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-help, problem solving, guidance, and insight. It is also a Book of Wisdom; the 78 cards portray mediaeval "wisdom images", which can help the modern traveller in numerous ways. 


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One hour reading offers different options, depending on your situation and goal with the session: we can start with a brief overview, then focus on two or three specific ...
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